Radio of Life

Skagit Valley Family Radio


We wish to thank all those who have contributed to making “Radio of Life” possible.
If you wish to be involved, there are three ways:
1 - Pray for the ministry
2 - Contribute financially
3 – Provide technical expertise
If you would like be a prayer supporter of “Radio of Life” we would like to know. We would appreciate a note of encouragement by clicking on the “Contact Us” tab.
Many, many have made large donations as well as those who systematically contribute monthly to support this ministry. Donations are fully deductible under Section 501(c)3 of the IRS Code.  
There are different ways you can make a tax-deductible donation:
  • Make checks out to: Skagit Valley Family Radio, PO Box 862, Burlington, WA 98233.  
  • Make a PayPal secure credit card or debit card contribution by clicking on the Donate button





“Radio of Life” Board
– Steve Brundula, Peggy Fisher, Mark Freiberger, Al Griffone, Lois Griffone, Donn Leiske, Maureen Parker, Ken Price, Andrew Rice, Julio Cesar Romero
Past Board Members - Kelvin Beaton, Michael Beldin, Jonathan Fish, Greg Fowler, Judson Nelson, Bob Price, Brian Wilson
General Manager - Mark Freiberger
Program Manager – Donn Leiske
Station Engineer - Ken Price
Treasurer – Maureen Parker
Public Information Manager - Andrew Rice
Automation Programming – Donn Leiske
Automation Programming Consultant – Joe Mann, Matthew West
Narration – Richard Fearing, Brian Fish, Donn Leiske
Music Composition – Nestor Soriano
Music Library - Willie Estill, Dana Freiberger, Mark Feiberger, Donn Leiske, Maureen Parker, Scott Von Bergen
Computer Technology – Kelvin Beaton, Steve Brundula, Mark Freidberger, Gary Haberly, Ken Price,
Station Antenna Installation – Michael Beldin, Jon Dahl, Mark Freidberger, Gary Haberly, Larry Paise, Doug White
Permit Logistics - Tex Ladish
Website – Kelvin Beaton, Donn Leiske
Graphics – Bonnie Beldin, Donn Leiske
Photographer - Kelvin Beaton, Val Buma, Carl Hall, Donn Leiske, Julio Cesar Romero
Field Testing - Doug Smith
Video Production - Gudmundur Ibsen, Tyler Long, Tiffany Muff
Spanish Language Content - Linda Fonseca, Julio Cesar Romero
Radio of Life Fair Booth - Lydia Apt, Mike Beldin, Steve Brundula, Val Buma, Mark Freiberger, Arely Jimenez, Vicki Leaf, Donn Leiske, Karl Murfy,  Tyler Long, Judson Nelson, Lucille Nelson, Maureen Parker, Richie Parker, Andrew Rice, Julio Cesar Romero, Dana Schafer, Brian Wilson
Radio of Life Sound Studio - Jeff Bell - Great Floors, Mark Frieberger, Donn Leiske, Kathie Leiske, Ken Price, Andrew Rice, Gael Rowland, Dan Siapco, Don White

We would like to especially recognize the contributions of Bob Price during his lifetime with major involvement with the start of Radio of Life and to those who have made financial contributions to Radio of Life in Bob's memory.