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The Story Behind “Radio of Life”

For several years there had been a number of people who had a dream to start a Christian radio ministry from Burlington, Washington. After years of talking about it, a board was assembled to take on the project in earnest. Little by little a plan was formalized and in early 2016 the plan was put into action. Ultimately this radio station became an Internet Radio Station as well as a low-power FM station. While the FM station would be on air for the local area, the Internet radio station would stream to anyone worldwide.

But what should it be called? Many ideas were thrown around among the board members. One idea was “The Well” or “Well of Life”. This idea had to do with a miraculous event having to do with water found on the location of the future radio station. Another name considered was “The Seed House”. This had to do with the large community garden on the property that offers the public in the neighborhood the opportunity to have their own garden space. The seed house is the name of the small building in which the seeds were stored next to the garden. It was thought that the radio station studio might be in the seed house. But the board decided to hold a contest to gather more possible names. Many great suggestions surfaced but the winner was “Radio of Life”. The name implies that a more abundant life is only found through Christ.

We thank God for all who have been a part of making this dream a reality…those with a dream…those with expertise…those who are contributing funds…and those who have been praying for this project.

Please continue to pray for this ambitious project of ministry and thank you if you choose to make a tax deductible donation to help!